Video games are being played by everyone now. Women account for 47% of gamers, and 36% of gamers are over 35, 64% being under 35. With the introduction of the smart phone and now the tablet, gaming has become something that is done nonstop, rather than just in the home. It’s estimated that 48 million people play games on their smart phones and tablets. 58% of Americans game, and 51% of American households own at least one dedicated game console. These days, everyone is playing. Why is that? 43% of gamers consider games to be a better value for their money than going to see a movie, buying a DVD, or buying music. This has put the gaming industry as a serious competitor to the entire television and film industry.

Parents are becoming more involved in their children’s gaming, as well as other family members. 32% of gamers now play with other family members, and 16% of children game with their parents, totaling 48%, while 42% of gamers play with friends. 58% of parents play games monthly with their children, and 35% even do so weekly. Whether it’s because it’s fun for the entire family, or they just want to socialize with their child and check out the content of the game, many parents are enjoying gaming as much as their child. Also, over half of parents believe that gaming is a good thing for their child, by giving mental stimulation and education, helping kids connect with friends, and gaming helping the family to spend more time together.

[progress complete=”100″ title=”32% of gamers are under the age of 18″]
[progress complete=”100″ title=”Adult gamers have been playing for an average of 15 years”]
[progress complete=”100″ title=”71% of parents believe game play provides mental stimulation or education”]
[progress complete=”100″ title=”62% of parents believe game play helps to connect with friends”]
[progress complete=”100″ title=”59% of parents believe game play helps the family spend time together”]

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